How to Succeed in Mothering Without Really Trying

Hello world! | September 22, 2009

My life.  It’s a never-ending advertisement for “Murphy’s Law”.  Seriously.  I’ve been told by more than one well- intentioned friend that I need to write a book about all of the hi-jinks (yeah, you heard me, hi-jinks, I said it) that run my life from day to day.  Sadly, there are not enough hours in a day to write a book.  Who even writes books, anymore anyway?  Come on now, it’s a WWW world.  As hard as I’ve tried to avoid it, I feel the time has come to join the wonderful world of BLOG.  Eessssh.  Makes me cringe just saying it.  My personal opinion on “THE BLOG” is that it’s just another example of how truly narcissistic people are.  Why do I think I’m so hot that everyone out there surfing the web wants to hitch a wave on the latest “dramady” of my life?  Well, I am hot, but that’s beside the point.  Perhaps I’m starting this in lieu of therapy.  Heaven knows I could use some.  But blogging is cheaper.  So that’s what I’ll tell myself for now.  This blog = saving $$.  Hah!  Take THAT recession!

For those who’ve made it this far, WOW.  You must not have young kids.  Because if you’ve managed to read my blog for this long and you DO have kids, you better run and check to make sure they haven’t unrolled the whole toilet paper roll throughout the whole house.  I’ll wait……..go check now……….

OK, are we good?  Just  put the little boogers to bed.  I’ll do a brief bio on my family and then I need to wrap things up for now.  I just caught a wiff of some laundry I washed a few days ago and forgot about.  Awesome.  I love it when I get to wash something not once, but twice.  I’m Tara.  I’m 32 years old.  I’m married to Tommy who is 34.  I am a “stay at home” Mom to our 3 children.  Tommy is a manager for a giant electronics company.  Trust me, you know who they are, and NO I can’t get you a discount.  Our oldest is a 7 year old girl that I’ll call, The Girl.  She’s also a brown-haired, blue-eyed MASTER MANIPULATOR.  It’s a gift really.  She got it fair and square from her Mama.  Strong-willed doesn’t begin to cover all her bases.  She’s a tough cookie.  She’s the pretty pink & frilly thorn in my side.  I constantly walk the narrow tight rope of encouraging her “spirit” but praying for a little oh…what’s the word…..obedience?  Before her strong-willed nature was brought to light, I got pregnant with Baby #2.  A calm, sweet-natured, little boy who we’ll call The Boy.  His tight blond curls and big blue eyes could melt an iceburg.  He’s 5 now and in kindergarten.  It’s my theory that he was the tool that God used to trick me into having another baby.  I figured I had a 50/50 shot at getting another impossible child.  I rolled the dice….and lost.  Baby #3 was another boy and other than the gender thing, an exact replica of his big sister.  Here I’ll just call him, The Baby.  He is 2 now and learning tricks from his big sister on how to “get at” Mom.  It’s very effective, the little racket they’ve got going.  If they’re betting that one day I’ll probably crack, they’re probably right.  I feel like donating a huge sum of money to a local “looney” bin just to ensure I’ll have a nice room once I’m ready to check-in.

So that’s it.  My family in a paragraph.  There are no words that can possibly contain, describe, and do them all justice.  But I’ll try, here, as often as I can.  Or, rather, as often as I need some “therapy”.

My Family.

My Family.


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