How to Succeed in Mothering Without Really Trying

The Ball I Dropped | October 29, 2009

I’m busy.  I’m VERY busy.   I teach my 2 year old’s Sunday School Class.  I am my kindergarteners room mom.  I am the secretary for the church AWANA group and the coordiantor of my mother’s group.  OH and also raising 3 kids while trying to be the “good wife” (NOT Julianna Margulis, good).  And I have to admit, until tonight, I really thought I was doing a bang-up job.  I thought I had it IN.THE.BAG.  As I was waiting in line to pick up the kids from their class tonight, I happen to be standing next to a good friend.  We only chatted for a few seconds but I quickly realized it had be ages since I’d talked to her.  Or any friend for that matter.  Then it dawned on me.  That was the ball I had dropped.  Mine.  Why are Mom’s like that?  Why are we so quick to let things go that mean something to us?  A question for the ages, I guess. 

So, now I’m home and pretty depressed.  I have really neglected all the wonderful friendships I’ve cultivated over the years and that makes me so sad.  I have to figure out a way to be 12 places at once.  Another “Mommy” question for the ages.


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